T62 | Management by a Waste Collection and Transfer Center

Special Waste

HPratginestós is authorized as a CRT plant for special and hazardous waste.

A selection, classification, labelling and conditioning for groups of hazardous wastes according to ADR regulations is carried out, and after that a transfer to final plants is carried out for final management or inertization.

Type of waste

Contaminated containers, coolant, paints, absorbents, solvents, waste of workshops, sprays, etc.

From our plant, we take care of the necessary documentation to make the collections and loads and the ADR and transport documents. All of them are necessary for the transport of this type of waste. We also carry out the processing of the relevant Acceptance cards (FA), Follow-up Sheets (HS), Waste Reception Justifiers, etc.

We have a transfer warehouse with capacity for large quantities of waste, whether solid or liquid, and packaging on pallets, cubecontainers, jerrycans, etc.